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Advent Of Ascension Hunter Level Command [March-2022]




We want players to be able to do different things to the world at the same time and to be able to play in different timescales. So this Command system allows us to do that. We gave the player commands that create and destroy temples. We gave the player command that allows the player to track people. That’s something very useful for the player to have. It’s also a good thing for us to have. Creating: Creating a temple is very simple. It’s just a key and a function. The key is the main thing we use to trigger the creation of a temple. The function is what allows us to create it. We had been using the first five digits of the key, which represented day, and so players could create the temple in their territory on that day, but then the sixth digit, which represents the territory was based in, became a problem. We realised that we needed to give that to the player. So we came up with the idea of creating a special territory. The territory will only be created on the fifth day of the week and will belong to the player. On that day, the player gets a chance to create a temple in that territory if they wish to. We don’t expect players to always have their command for creating a temple if they have the command for tracking people or creating a legend. If a player has one, he or she can’t have the other. So, for example, if a player has the command for tracking and he wants to get something done, then he can’t do it on the day where the territory for tracking is created. So we now have command for tracking and command for creating temples, which is very useful to us. We could have had this kind of concept in the game, but we needed to use it in a different way. We’re also introducing a new tool for the player to create structures, which is the ability to hold research points. This is something that people have been asking for, so we’ve decided to do it, but we wanted to make sure it was well thought out, so we spent time working on that. We’re also giving players a new command that will allow them to upload information about themselves to the game. We wanted to do that, but also make sure



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Advent Of Ascension Hunter Level Command [March-2022]

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